Eunice Tso, ETD Inc. Owner/CEO. Photo via ETD Inc.

Article via Indian Country Today Media Network

Since 1995, ETD Inc. specialized in providing professional support services to Native communities, private firms, federal agencies, and tribal governments that are implementing development projects in Indian country. The small business celebrated its 20th anniversary in December.

ETD Inc. has had important roles in countless development projects on the Navajo Nation and other reservations. ETD Inc. facilitates the development of community based land use plans, ensures an appropriate level of environmental compliance, incorporates environmental planning into various design and engineering projects of their clients, and collects community feedback, often required for planning and by the National Environmental Policy Act.

Eunice Tso started the company to provide professional services on tribal land.

“I saw a need and I knew I could do the work,” Tso said. “By then I had already written a few environmental assessments during the time I worked in the Navajo Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation program. I returned to Northern Arizona where I later received a master’s degree in geology with an emphasis in environmental geology.”

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