Growing your business to compete in today’s workplace is more important than ever.

Is your business looking to hire qualified Native American professionals? Here’s how the Native Edge can help.

Find your next employee by posting your job opportunity on the Native Edge. Premium Native Edge subscribers can post an unlimited amount of job opportunities on the Native Edge.

The Native Edge allows corporate diversity recruiters to meet and exceed diversity hiring goals with access to capable American Indian job seekers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Potential job seekers can also upload their skills, experience and interests on the Native Edge for easy search. All Native Edge members have access to each job opportunity posted.

The Native Edge provides business owners and entrepreneurs with many valuable tools and resources to grow opportunities and expand their customer base and business possibilities.

Expand your business, explore opportunities, communicate with other Native American entrepreneurs and share your services with Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Native Edge is your unique online source for business and career success.

Give your business the Edge and subscribe today!

The Native Edge – Hire Edge from National Center on Vimeo.

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